Cooking on the Weekends with Valentina

courtesy of Valentina at Cooking on the Weekends

With so many food blogs online and new ones popping up everyday, sometimes it’s hard to sift through them all to find a true, honest to goodness, quality food blogger.

Are you looking for someone who is posting whole food recipes which have actually been made with their own hands, and who is also so skilled in their craft and photography, that you just want to run to your kitchen to make whatever has been posted that day? Well, let me do you a favor and tell you that I’ll save you some sifting…go to my friend Valentina’s blog, Cooking on the Weekends, and you’ll see what I mean.

Valentina describes her blog as cooking creative, comforting food for casual entertaining, but it’s so much more than that.  I am constantly in awe of her talents (check out her photos!) and do not know how she cranks out so many delicious recipes, while also wearing many other hats, but mostly just by being a mom of two young boys. That’s an overtime job in itself!

Here is an example of one of her delicious dishes~

You won’t just find Valentina posting on her blog because she’s a contributor to many other sites, like PopSugar, and has had her recipes featured in the Huffington Post, The Kitchn and PBS Food, just to name a few. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (links on her blog)…oh, and tell her Christina sent you! :)

LA Living…

Blooming Jacaranda trees lining a street in Glendale.


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  1. wrote on

    I concur. I am in awe of Valentina’s many talents and prolificness. Her taste in food is very similar to mine, and hers is one of my go-to blogs for great recipes!

  2. wrote on

    P.S. That is one amazing shot of the jacaranda. Wow!

  3. wrote on

    Christina, thank you SO MUCH for this. You are so, so kind, and I’m just so flattered that you thought to share my site with your readers. Christina’s Cucina is one of my favorite foodie spots to visit, as well. I’m smiling ear to ear. :-D xoxo

    • wrote on

      It’s well-deserved, Valentina and I meant every word I wrote! :)

  4. wrote on

    I agree 100% with Christina, Valentina’s site is a ‘go to’ site. Plus she creates a ton of vegetarian recipes that I can send along to my niece.

    • wrote on

      Another good point, Judy! I forgot to mention that! Thanks!

  5. wrote on

    Dear Christina, Thank you for sharing Valentina’s site. Her site looks so interesting, I will have to check it out and I won’t forget to tell her that you sent me…I love those purple trees (Jacaranda) lining up in Glendale. That is a sight to see. Thanks ..Have a great week ahead. Dottie :)

    • wrote on

      I’m so happy you’ll go to check out her blog, Dottie, as I know you’ll love it! Thank you, the trees really are incredible and hard to capture all their glory in photos!

  6. wrote on

    I love Valentina’s site – always so creative and beautiful! ~ David

  7. wrote on

    I love Cooking on the Weekends. Valentina is a great cook and has a wonderful variety of recipes that I really enjoy. I highly recommend her blog.

  8. wrote on

    I always have the same reaction to Valentina’s recipes – WOW, I must make that immediately! :)

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