7th street market charlotte

6 Things To Do in 16 Hours in Charlotte, North Carolina

As you may or may not know, I haven't posted in quite a while because my son just graduated from Georgetown University last weekend; I just can't believe how fast those four years went by. However, he's graduating at 20, so this really shouldn't have happened for another one or two years. Between all the planning and travel problems (I found out our airline tickets had been cancelled three days before leaving) beforehand and getting ready for my daughter to go to her prom and graduate from high school in less than two weeks, I really haven't been able to publish new posts. I don't even have a menu planned for my

Gerberas after hat-pin trick

How to Revive Gerbera Daisies

You might not believe what this flower looked like, just a few hours before this photo was taken. I say this, because when I've had drooping Gerbera daisies in the past, I've tried recutting the stems and replacing the